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Signature Foods



Thai Black Bean
Full-flavored and exotic, with a blend of lemon grass, chili paste, mint and coriander, the Thai Black Bean spread would be excellent paired with steamed rice or as a way to add South Asia to your chicken sandwich.


Indian Golden Chickpea
With a distinct and aromatic blend of cardamom, star anise, fenugreek seeds and tamarind paste you can visit India from your very own kitchen! Enjoy Indian Golden Chickpea spread as a dip with raw vegetables or on warmed pita bread.


Mole Red Bean
Vibrant yet delicate, the Mole Red Bean spread is perfect for snacking or as an appetizer of a three-course meal. With a complementary blend of pasilla peppers, dried plums, raw almonds and dark chocolate, the Mole Red Bean spread makes an ideal partner for chips, veggies or as a thickener in tomato soup.


Mediterranean White Bean
Flavorful and robust, the Mediterranean White Bean spread features a complementary blend of sun dried tomato, artichoke, capers and pine nuts. On a chip or a pita wrap, enjoy this flavorful spread any time of day!